American Deadland

Red Baron, Rattler, and a Raptor

Fritz dukes it out with a top of the line military aircraft in a biplane,

The Red Rattler’s appearance throws the battle into chaos, and the players manage to get the upper hand over the road gangs and combine. Ray’s character crawled out onto the wing of Friz’s plane and patched up a hole that was punched in it by machine gun fire. Fritz managed to come up behind the Raptor and Ray stuck some C4 to it;s side before the raptor outran them and performed another strafing run.

The Rattler tries to catch the biplane drawn to the high pitched buzz of it’s engines, but misses. And as the fight between Screwnicorn and the Automaton heats up, Screwnicorn drags the Automaton to edge of the roof only to get dragged off Red Rattler. The rattler swallows the Automaton whole and almost immediately regrets it as the Automaton self-destructs. Wounded but not killed the rattler continues it’s assault on the building, enraged by the pain.

Ray’s character parachutes down to the roof of the building, and using a radio allows the party to communicate with Fritz. The posse works together with the pilot to lure the rattler between two damaged buildings before bringing them down on the Red Rattler with a backpack full of combine explosives. Trapped by the rubble the Red Ratter is at the mercy of the party, and Morgan drives a chunk of re-bar through it;s brain.

Fritz lands and as he saved the possie from the raptors at the cost of heavy damage to his plane asks him to finish the mission he was on when he was attacked and look for the daughter he sent to junkyard and has not returned.



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