Jebidiah Lockhart

Cognition 1 d 10
Artillery Guided 3
Arts Painting 2
Scrutinize 2
Search 5
Knowledge 4 d 12+4
Academia Occult, History 5
Area Knowledge Texas 2
Language English 2
Medicine General, Surgery 3
Science Occult Engineering, Engineering, Cybernetics 6
Physics, Chemistry, Geology
Trade Metalworking, Weapon Smith 3
Mein 2 d 8
Animal Wranglin’
Persuasion 2
Smarts 3 d 12+4
Bluff 2
Ridicule 2
Scroungin’ 5
Tinkerin’ 5
Spirit 4(3) d 10
Hexslingin’(Huckster Only) 5
Guts 4
Deftness 3 d 8
Shootin’ Energy, Shotgun 5
Sleight o’ Hand
Throwin’ 2
Nimbleness 4 d 8
Climbin’ 2
Dodge 3
Fightin’ Polearm 3
Jumpin’ 1
Sneak 4
Quickness 3 d 10
Quick Draw
Strength 3 d 8
Vigor 4 d 10
Arcane Background: Junker 3
Arcane Background: Huckster 3
Chamber Initiate 2
Old Hand 3
Omega man 3
Eagle Eyes 1
Dinero 5
Luck O’ the Irish 5
Mechanically Inclined 1
Obligation: Chamber 3
Curious 3
Heroic 5
Enemy: Combine 2
Brainer level 2 10
Keen 3
Flashburned Eyes -2
Hypersensitive -4
Minor Mutation Eyes glow slightly, can be hidden with glasses -1
Junker Trick TN Speed Duration Range Description
Jerry Rig
Spit and Polish
Huckster Trick TN Speed Duration Range Description
Beggar’s Banquet
Junker Powers
Flash Gordon
Super Strength
Hexes TN Speed Duration Range Description
Raisin’ the Pot
Gambler’s Luck
Weird Science
Waste Product

Spent: 75
Total: 75

Name Jebidaih Lockhart Born 2051
Height 6’ Weight 190lbs
Prewar Occupation CEAL Team Cybernetics Specialist
Affiliations The Chamber


Most people’s first impressions of Jeb is that he’s some sort of spooky scavenger type, packing around an overstuffed backpack, a strange metal staff, a dark red coat marked with a hood, and with a beard that ranks around one eighth of a duck dynasty. The spooky factor is even worse when he takes off his dark goggles reviling a eyes imprinted with the glowing green image of a skull shaped mushroom cloud. Few people who meet Jeb expect him to be a good ol’ boy from the great state of Texas, his generally jovial demeanor might lead others to think he’s a rube, but in truth he is a highly educated man with multiple advanced degrees. Those who get to know Jeb find that he is often struck by some of the cut-throat behavior of those living in post apocalyptic america, and might come across as naive at times.

Jeb is a brown haired caucasian man, with an average build and a trimmed beard. He wears a heavily modified confederate officers long coat reinforced with pieces of tire, and leather scales coated in red pickup bed-liner and an added hood. His right hand appears to be encased in a metal gauntlet, but is actually part of the cybernetic limb that replaced his left arm. Jeb carries a metal staff with what looks like a vacuum tube, florescent tube, and bunch of wires. A lot of Jeb’s clothing and equipment is scavenged or self made, but it is impeccably clean despite any adverse conditions. Jeb looks to be in his late 20’s but he talks about going to university in Junkyard and serving in the confederate cyborg program meaning he must be in his late fourties to early fifties.


Jeb was once married, but after his daughter was killed in the Black Tuesday attack (when the Sons of Sitgreives sabotaged Junkyards air filters to prevent the manufacture of city busters) his marriage was in a rocky state and did not survive his deconversation from Mormonism. His ex-wife Sylvia Lockhart (she kept the name after the divorce) still lives in Junkyard and has joined up with the Sons of Sitgreives and has managed to attain significant status within the group. Although Sylvia insists the SOS has shifted its goals to aiding in reconstruction Jeb still can’t get over their responsibility for the death of his daughter.

Jeb’s family was an army family since before the civil war (his father named him after Jeb Stewart). He has an older brother Robert, and a younger brother Thomas (named after General’s Lee and Jackson respectively) who both enlisted in the Confederate Military. Thomas enlisted in the navy as a form of rebellion against their father who was an army colonel, while Robert when the traditional army route. Jeb’s mother could be described as a the typical army wife being a thoroughly traditional woman who’s life revolved around being a full time homemaker and raising 3 kids. Jeb’s father George Lockhart, was as much an officer as a father, when he spoke he expected to be obeyed.

Jebs relationship with his father was strained when Jeb left for Desert University on a scholarship rather than join in the family business or going the ROTC route like his brothers. They reunited after the death of Jeb’s daughter and George manged to convince him to take a fresh start applying his cyborg expertise for the Confederate Special Forces, pulling a few strings to get him in good with the CEAL project. The two were on decent terms at the end of the last war, George never approved of the CEAL project thinking wars should be fought by men who could understand the weight of their actions and not brainwashed corpses with guns. However he could see the incredibly utility they presented, and they served as a way to bring his wayward son back into the fold. But as a red blooded Rebel he could see the danger that AI controlled super soldiers could pose to a free nation.


Jeb holds two PhDs in Medicine (with a specialty in cybernetics) and Engineering from Desert University in Junkyard. Being naturally talented and studious he earned one of the coveted Vanessa Hellstrome Memorial Scholarships, and rather than seeking a military scholarship like his brothers chose to leave for Junkyard. During his education he met his future ex-wife Sylvia who was studying physics. Jeb attended a number of high schools across the southern united states, his trouble building a stable social circle and studious tenancies got him to focus on his school work.

Past History

Before being a wandering Technoshaman, Jeb worked as a Senior Researching with the Cybernetically Enhanced Arcane Lifeform project, producing the borgs used by the confederates for special forces operations most humans couldn’t pull off. Before that he worked for a company called Vetruvian Concepts which produced cybernetic limbs and enhancements for those with disabilities, bodyguards, and the occasional pit fighter in the watered down prewar fights in Junkyard.

Political and Religious Beliefs

Jeb was raised southern evangelist and converted to Mormonism after his education made fundamentalist beliefs unmaintainable. He re-evaluated the book of Mormon after the death of his daughter and found it lacking, today he is largely agnostic. Though he could be defined as vaguely spiritual given his role as a technoshaman, but having seen the threat of a new dark ages raising its ugly head he tries to avoid explaining his art in spiritual terms. He dosn’t want to accidentally propagate the idea that science and technology is mysticism, as he views even things like magic as something to be studied and understood.

Politically Jeb was conservative before the war, though his views became more economically progressive during college, and socially conservative while he was a Mormon. After the apocalypse he’s put a higher value on self-reliance than he did at school, his views on society have liberalized to a point but he thinks that laws are a necessary thing to prevent most people from descending into barbarism. He isn’t really pro or anti gay, alcohol or drugs given he has seen the result of those policies in the past.

A lifetime of being smarter than most people leads him to think along authoritarian lines, he sees himself and like minded individuals as the only ones capable of guiding humanity towards a greater good. And is likely to dismiss equally authoritarian people with differing views as heavy handed idiots. Jeb believes that preserving science and knowledge built up over centuries is more important than the needs of a few. Though in practice he is often too softhearted to apply this principal as ruthlessly as he sometimes says it should.

Personal Code

Jeb was raised with military discipline and good ole fashioned family values, and that still shows through in aspects of his behavior. He’s disciplined, treats women with respect, generally likes to be hospitable to others, although this mostly extends to being a good guest during his time as a wondering vagabond. His temper does get the better of him at times.


Jeb dosn’t really have goals so much as fears, he fears a new dark age and desperately tries to hold on to the values, knowledge, and technology of the old world trying to keep that from fading away. He knows full well that this is a path that never ends, that he will likely die trying to retrieve some old piece of technology or defending a town from a horde of rapists, murderers or thieves. But for Jeb the alternative is too painful to entertain, if he was to embrace inaction in the face of ignorance or injustice the idea of it would wear away at him. One of Jeb’s greatest fears is that he succumbs to the taint, or hardens his heart to the rest of humanity from too many decisions made for the greater good, adding to the worlds suffering instead of helping it.


Still a confederate at heart Jeb’s likes include country music, driving along back roads, corny action movies, and good food. Beyond the simple things Jeb has an appreciation of engineering, science, and all things technical. He also tends to view the humanities outside of history as a waste of his time, philosophy is fine for some pedantic nerd with too much time on his hands, but real men and real minds have hard science to do.

Jeb has a love hate relationship with religion, on one hand it promotes order, on the other it can constrain inquiry and be an excuse for atrocity. He tends to be cautiously accommodating of most beliefs. If there is one group Jeb hates its those who senselessly ruin or despoil things of the old world.

Last War

During the last war Jeb spent his time building better monsters for the confederate military. AI influenced cyborgs wouldn’t turn away orders most soldiers should, which made them and in demand resource as the generals of the Last War grew more and more desperate. Each AI component damaged from feedback that Jeb repaired was a reminder about how the soldier struggled against the machine, but as the brass insisted a decisive end to the war was worth it Jeb agreed.

Since the end of the Last War Jeb has came face to face with some of his creations, some still carrying out their last orders. This has forced him to confront his past actions and reconsider his responsibilities as a man of science and what power he gives to others.

Activities since the apocalypse

Jebidiah Lockhart

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