Arcane Backgrounds:

Arcane Background: Blessed 3 Arcane Background: Doomsayer 3
Blessed characters are nuns, priests, or average folks who have been blessed by a divine entity. When the blessed are behaving themselves, they can invoke miracles that help them fight the evils of the Wasted West. Blessed need at least one rank in the Faith aptitude. Doomsayers are heretical radiation priests who have rebelled against Silas Rasmussen’s murderous Cult of Doom. They use radiation magic to scour the wastes, protecting the world from their misguided brothers (who want to kill every unmutated human) and searching for a prophesied mutant they call the “Harbinger.” Doomsayers need at least one rank in the Faith aptitude
Arcane Background: Huckster 3 Arcane Background: Enlightened 3
Hucksters seem to be gamblers and cardsharps. Many claim they gamble with their lives as well by dabbling in the black arts. Rumors abound that they have decoded mystic secrets concealed in Hoyles’ Book of Games and used them to unlock the secrets of tapping into the Hunting Grounds. Enlightened or “Fu Fighters” channel the energies of the Hunting Grounds through their own bodies through dedication, meditation and focus. Enlightened need 1 point in the Chii, and Fightin’ Martial Arts aptitudes, and the Martial Arts edge.
Arcane Background: Junker 3 Arcane Background: Shaman 3
Junkers are far more than tinkerers and mechanics. They consort with tech spirits for inspiration and assistance in designing their amazing contraptions. Then they build their infernal devices and power them with the incredible fury of ghost rock and their neither worldly allies. Many do not trust them. Most everyone fears them. Shamans are Indian holy men and women and the keepers of tribal medicine. Their power comes from dealing with the demanding spirits of nature. When these medicine men honor the spirits, they can accomplish amazing feats that make doubtful white men tremble.
Arcane Background: Syker 3 Arcane Background: Templar 3
Sykers were trained by the military and spent years in intensive training academies, learning incredible powers of the mind. Most fought in a horrible psychic war on the distant planet of Banshee before returning to a ruined Earth. They don’t talk much about the atrocities they were forced to commit there in the names of their governments. Templars are the both noble and selfish knights of the Wasted West. They live by their swords, and they pledge them only to those survivors whom they deem worthy of their efforts. Their powers aren’t as spectacular as those of the sykers or the Doomsayers, but they’re also not nearly as costly. There is a religious fervor about them, but it’s tempered with practicality
Arcane Background: Witch 3
Templars, Doomsayers, Sykers and Junkers aren’t the only supernatural types running around the Wasted West. Buying this edge means your hero has deciphered the secrets of a book called How to Serve Your Man.

Resource Edges

Belongin’s 1+ Dinero 1-5
This Edge covers all the equipment your character might want, for each point spent on Belongin you get $1000 worth of items(armor, vehicles, weapons, etc), or $2000 if spent on cybernetics. All belongin’s have to be approved by the GM, so don’t go too crazy. You can also use it to purchase minor supernatural items. For characters who are generally rich or can reliably make money look at the Dinero edge. Old money makes great toilet paper in the wasted west; the real currency these days are in various forms of Barter. A wealthy individual starts with additional funds and can come up with more when pressed. The mechanism by which he makes more money can vary from character to charater. Some run stores, or make trades; others con people, build things, or is reliably capably of salvaging big scores.
Cost Starting Funds Found Money
1 300 25
2 400 50
3 500 100
4 1000 200
5 2000 400

Perception Edges

Big Ears 1 Eagle Eyes 1
Some people can here a soft toed critter creeping over rock, 100 yards away. Character gains +2 to Cognition rolls to hear things. You could spot a fly on rasin bread. Character gains +2 to Cognition rolls to see things, can increase Line of Sight powers to 500 yards range (it 300 yards normally).
Keen 3 Sense O’ Direction 1
Keen characters are frighteningly perception, they gain a +2 to any Cognition rolls You can usually tell which way is north (or south if you’re an aussie), a Fair (5) Cognition roll can determine direction, and a Hard (9) to know what time it is.

Mental Edges

Brave 3 Level Headed 5
Characters with this Edge gain +2 to Guts checks. Your character can keep his cool when the bullets start flying. After the character draws action cards for a round, he may discard one card of her choice and draw another. The character may not discard a Black Joker.
Light Sleeper 1 Mechanically Inclined 1
The character gains +2 to Cognition rolls made to wake up quickly and takes longer to suffer from sleep desperation. A character with this Edge adds +2 to roll involving fixing or understanding machinery.
Nerves O’ Steel 1 Gift of Gab 1
Some people are too stubborn to run even when their boots are full of “Liquid Fear.” When the character fails a Guts check he does not have to flee and may stand his ground, he still suffers all other penalties though. this edge allows your character to pick up spoken languages very quickly. Given a few minutes they can have an effective skill of 1 in any oral language.

Physical Edges

Brawny 3 Berserk 2
This character ate his wheaties, and is bigger than average. You must have a Strength of at least 2d8 to take this edge, if you do you gain +1 to your Size. This does not stack with Big’un. When a character with Berserk is wounded he makes a Smarts roll with a TN equal to the wound, or fly into a murderous frenzy. This allows them to make two hand to hand attacks per action. The Berserker looses both the weapons defensive bonus, and their fighting levels to defense, and must rush into melee combat. The character can still determine friend from from foe, and won’t jump off a cliff but might charge an army.
Don’t Get ’Im Riled! 2 Fleet Footed 1-5
Hurting this character only makes them angrier, and you wouldn’t like them when they are angry. Add Xd4 to your hand-to-hand damage where X is your highest wound penalty (not counting Edges or abilities that ignore such penalties). There’s often a time where you have to get out of dodge, and you are far better at that then others. Each level of Fleet-Footed gives you an additional point of Pace
Hardy 3 Omega Man 3
Your hero’s one of those hard-bitten survivors, and heals faster than most. He gains Wind back at the rate of 1 point every 30 seconds (six rounds), instead of 1 minute. Also he can make a healing roll to recover from wounds every three days instead of the regular 5. Your character must have a Vigor of at least 3d10 or better. For some reason your character stopped aging after the apocalypse, this is for people who want to play characters who were around for the Tunnel to Faraway opening and not being a really fricken old.
Rad Tolerant 1-5 Super Mutant 5
For whatever reason your character is resistant to the effects of radiation, natural or supernatural. For each level of this Edge the character gains +1 to resist radiation or Doomsayer miracles, they also gain 1 point of Light Armor against radiation for each level. Wanted to be a mutant but not get kicked in the sack for the it, Super Mutant lets you draw cards for mutation and can discard any card they choose until they draw a face card. They can stop any time but they have to keep at least one card.
Sand 1-5 Thick-Skinned 3
Some people have true grit, Sand for lack of a better term. Each level of the Sand Edge gives them +1 to stun and recovery checks. Thick-Skinned characters don’t let pain distract them, they reduce their wound penalty for one point.
Tough As Nails 1-5 Two Fisted 3
Those who are Tough as Nails are persistent and keep fighting no matter what. Each level of this Edge increases the character’s maximum edge by 2. A Two-Fisted Character can use either hand equally well. They ignores the -4 penalty for using his off hand, they still suffer -2 penalty for using a second weapon though.

Social Edges

Friends in High Places 1-5 Purty 1
It’s not who you are it’s who you know. Your character has friends that occasionally show up to help, the value depends on how powerful they are and how often they appear. A biker boss who shows up with the cavalry every other session is worth 3, 1 if he shows up alone, a wealthy trader who buys your character out of trouble is worth 2. The GM determines final point cost. Your character is a specimen of physical perfection, they gain +2 to persuasion rolls when attractiveness comes into play.
Renown 1/3/5 Sidekick 5
The character is a recognizable face, maybe he is accomplished in his circles, or he was famous before the war. For 1 point the character is well known within a group (such as a town, Law Dogs, or Sykers). For 3 points the character is known over a larger region, and for 5 they are known everywhere. Recognizing a famous person is a hard (9) task +1 for each level they have in Renown. You get your very own NPC, you work out your relationship with your sidekick with a GM, and you both count as having the Loyal Hindrance towards each other (no points for that though). If your sidekick is not always around reduce the cost by 1.
“The Voice” 1 “The Stare” 1
Your character’s voice has a particular timber which adds +2 to a social skill under certain circumstances. Your characters gaze could peel paint, gain +2 to Overawe tests.

Organizations Edges

Law Dog 1/3 Librarian 2
The bade of a lawman carries a lot of weight, mostly in the form of responsibility. The common folk depend on you to fight off marauders, bandits, and stranger things. For 1 point, your character is a local lawman of some sort. Most towns call them “Sheriffs” these days. For 3 points, your hero is one of the Law Dogs, and it’s his job to travel the wests and bring justice to the survivors. Remember that these days justice is more important that law, your character’s authority is only as good as his reputation. All Law Dogs have a -5 Oath to “Bring Law to the West” While most folk are more interested in surviving, or trying to make their lives just a little better, Librarians are dedicated to saving the knowledge gained by mankind before the apocalypse before its lost forever. Librarians receive a Palmcorder for free, and are expected to make a trip the the Great Library or one of its branch libraries once every two years. All Librarians must take the Obligation -2 Librarians hindrance, but gain a +2 to persuasion tests with academics or scientific types who are aware of their status.
Rank 1-5 ** 1
Your characters gaze could peel paint, gain +2 to Overawe tests.

Blessed Edges

Conscience 1 **
If your character is about to commit an action that would be counted as a Sin on the Sinnin table you get a friendly warning from the GM. To take this you don’t need to be Blessed you just need at least 1 rank in Faith to take this edge. This edge is open to anyone with faith not just blessed.

Martial Arts Edges

Martial Arts Training 3 Quick Thinker 2
The character has had training in martial arts, your hands and feet deal STR+1d6 damage, which may be brawlin’ or lethal. For each point in Fightin’: Martial Arts you have you may learn one maneuver (pg 86 Waste Warriors) You never suffer a TN higher than 5 for surprise tests, even if you fail you will always get 1 action card.

Doomsayer Edges

Child O’ The Atom 1-5 I’m a Pepper 1
The character is a radiation sponge, each point in this Edge gives him +1 strain. If you don’t start with this edge it’s twice the regular cost to buy it. Dr. Pepper has no ill effects on a Doomsayer with this edge, but no beneficial effects either.
I’m a Pepper Too 3 Initiate 1
Your character benefits from Dr. Pepper as normal people do, requires I’m a Pepper. You’re a Doomsayer in training, you can’t start with a Faith higher than 1, and you only get the Tolerance miracle, but it’s cheaper than being a full Doomie.
Mo’ Miracles 2 Rad-Absorbent 2
Each time this Edge is taken you gain an extra Miracle. Your Doomsayer is open to the Glow and recharges his mojo faster. Time for recovering Strain by resting is halved, this is cumulative with all other recovery enhancers.

Huckster Edges

Arcane Prodigy 3 Familiar 5
Learning a new hex takes half the required time and an Academia: Occult roll with a TN of 3, creating new hexes has a TN of 5 for you. Your Hexslinger gains an animal companion as detailed in Hucksters and Hexes.
Old Hand 3 **
This Edge is only available to those with an Academia: Occult skill of 4 or higher. Your character has delved into the lore of the Hunting Grounds, and as a result has more control over his hexes. When casting a Hex you draw cards one at a time stopping when ever you like.

Junker Edges

Additional Powers 2 Browser Spirit 1-5
Your Junker starts with an additional power or trick each time he takes this edge. The character has attracted the attention of a more powerful variety of tech-spirit and helps him in his inventing career. There are several kinds of Browser Spirit and each has their own unique powers, you cannot have more than one browser spirit of a given type.
Chamber Initiate 3 Familiar 5
The character is a member of the Chamber. Thanks to access to their mystical libraries You can gain a +1 bonus to Science: occult engineering roll used to construct a device for each eight hours spent studying. Next you can a metal staff with an additional 30 slots, this staff is bound to you in a mystic ceremony and cannot be used by others, you always know roughly where it is, and as you advance in rank it gains new abilities. All chamber members have a -2 Obligation to the group as they will ask them to carry out missions, retrieve equipment, or perform tasks. Your character has a familiar, a potent form of browser spirit, you cannot have more than one Familiar. Note that the Frame Size in the book in incorrect and they have a frame size of 2. see the Junk Man Commeth page 44.

Shaman Edges

Guardian Spirit 1-5
Your character has a Guardian Spirit (see chapter four of Ghost Dancers).

Syker Edges

Additional Powers 2 Adept 3
Good Sykers have a decent bag of tricks at their disposal, each time you take this edge you gain an additional power. Some skyers are really good at one type of power, but not at others they are called Adepts. An adept adds +2 to his Blastin’ rolls whenever he uses a power within his specialty, but he uses a power within his specialty, but he must subtract -1 from the role in all other categories. A Syker may only take Adept once, and cannot take it after character creation.
Fortitude 2 Greenie 1
Fortitude is the lesson learned by most Banshee Sykers after fighting the mysterious “Skinnies.” To learn this Edge your character must have had mind to mind contact in the past with a “Skinney.” A syker with this edge can continue using powers up to double his normal Strain. When a Syker goes into negative Strain he must make a Vigor roll with each blastin’ roll with a TN equal to 5 plus the amount of negative strain taken so far. Failure means a trip to the Brainburn table. Greenie are Sykers who have had their first sign after the apocalypse. A Greenie does not have to purchase AB: Syker, but if they do not they cannot start with a blastin’ higher than one. Greenies are used to a higher level of background supernatural energy and can supercharge their powers with an extra jolt of power. When a greenie chooses he can spend extra Strain, each point spent adds +2 to the blastin roll to a maximum of 5 for a +10. The downside is that they have to make a Spirit roll vs a TN of 5 +1 per Strain spent, fail and suffer brainburn.
Steel-Trap Mind 1-5 Steel Will 1-5
Some sykers can keep Blastin’ while others are begging for mercy. Each level of this Edge grants +1 Strain. This power is available to Sykers and non-Sykers alike, each rank grants +1 to opposed rolls to resist Syker powers or attempts to control or manipulate the character by supernatural means.

Templar Edges

Blessing 3 Companion 1
While the Saints grant the Templars their powers, the Martyrs are a tad more selective, bless those who have performed grate deeds. But as picky as they are they can withdraw their favour if the Templar Vexes them. Those who are not Templars but still subscribe to their ideology, or travel with them can be granted the title of Companion. Companions don’t have the powers of Templars but can be blessed by the Martyrs.

Cyborg Edges

AI Companion 3 Damaged AI 2-4
Your AI has managed to make friends with his AI. It still enforces any rules of engagement, but is reluctant to use force. Whenever you enter a Test o’ Wills with your AI, the computer never cranks the pain meter beyond a -2 modifier and never causes wind damage. In addition, it never lets a Test o’ Wills go longer than 5 rounds. Your hero’s struggles with his Skullmate have gotten nasty. Each 2 points spent reduce the AI’s rating by a die type.
Emancipated 1-5 Rank 1-4
Your character has had more success than others when wrestling with his AI. For each level of this Edge you remove one ROE. Your borg was one or more steps above the average can. Rank has it’s privilage and your borg is less likely to be able to be ordered around by any breather in a uniform and can accept a Command and Control module. You also have one ROE removed for each two levels in Rank you have, as freedom of though was a necessity of command.

Background Edges

Background: Soldier 5
Your character was part of the armed forces since awhile before the war. As such you are a well trained and equipped veteran of the last war. First off you get a bunch of skills dependent on your specialty during the war. Next you can double a number of belongin’s you have equal to the level of your Rank Edge. Unfortunately you’re going to suffer a trip to a secret table to show just what baggage you took back from the war.

Steel Knight Edges

Background: Steel Knight 3 Novice 0
The character is a member of the Steel Knights, you can access their headquarters for repairs as well as buy Rank in the organization. Rank allows the character to purchase power armor much cheaper. The downside is that The Combine hates you, gain Enemy(Combine) -3, and you must take an Oath to protect the Weak against the wicked and powerful -2, As well as Law o’ the West as the Steel Knights hold themselves to the Uniform Code of Military Conduct. Novices are those in training, they do not have power armor and are expected to aid in the repair and maintenance of their Knights suit. After 1-3 years if you have the proper skills you can become a knight yourself.
Rank 1-4 Second Skin 2
You have gained Rank in the Steel Knights, each level reduces the cost of buying equipment from the Steel Knights or at chargen by 10% per level. Your armored trooper has spent so much time in the same suit of armor that moment has became natural. You must have Driven’: Battlesuit of at least 2 in order to take this Edge. It allows you to negate up to two points of Nimbleness penalties caused by the suit itself. This edge must be purchased for an individual suit.

Misc Edges

Born on Horseback 2 Luck O’ the Irish 5
Your character is used to the rigors of mounted combat, you don’t suffer the -2 penalty for firing from the saddle. Your character is particularly lucky, you gain an extra fate chip each session which cannot be cashed in for bounty points.


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