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Basic Combat Rules

Use the rules from the Weird West Player’s Guild with the following exceptions:
-You can called shot with first shot of a burst.
-Armor reduces die types until the attack hits d4, then it halves the number of dice remaining (round down).


Use rules in Weird West players guide, Guardian Spirits are available from Ghost Dancers, Rituals are available from Ghost Dancers but are specializations of the Ritual skill rather than unique skills. Favours from Ghost Dancers and Hexarcana are available..


Use rules in Weird West player’s guide. Hexes from Hucksters and Hexes, Law Dogs, and Hexarcana are available. Hexes use the Hexslinging skill rather than each hex as an individual skill as per Hexarcana and the WW player’s guide. Hucksters draw two extra cards when casting a hex for a total of seven on a basic success.

Hexslinging usually takes a source to learn like a copy of Hoyle’s books of games for hexes from Hucksters and Hexes or the main book. One’s in Law Dogs, and Hexarcana typically are learned only from other hucksters, grimoires or sources of arcane lore.


Use rules from the Weird West player’s guide or Cyborgs. Powers from Cyborgs and Book o’ the Dead are available.

Mad Scientists

Mad Scientists are no longer playable in the Hell on Earth timeline, old devices made by mad science will continue to function, and there are ways to create Mad Scientist devices (although these are risky) however this are rarely done as pre-war technology surpassed most mad science.


Use rules from the Weird West Player’s guide, Miracles from Fire and Brimestone and Hexarcana are available.


Use rules in the Junkman Cometh, Several powers have been errataed to the point it’s a scavenger hunt through all the other books to find them.


It’s good to note that you need a teacher to learn powers outside of your speciality.

Books we are not using.

Shattered Coast
Denver (save for power armour rules)
Spirit Warriors

House Rules

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