Here is a list of organization who operate throughout the wasted west as a whole, it is not an exhaustive list as there area few hidden organizations, and ones who are confined to a single region.

American Combine Unified American Government with the most powerful armed forces in the wasted west
Brotherhood of the Ossuary Orthodox Christian monks who work to put the dead to rest
The Chamber Secretive group of Techno-Wizards who work to preserve technical knowledge
The Convoy Moving settlement made of hundreds of big rigs
Cult of Doom Religion that preaches that radiation is sacred and mutants are the chosen people
Dust Devils The west’s largest road gang
Great Library Organization dedicated to preserving mankind’s culture and knowledge
Law Dogs Organization of law men dedicated to bringing law and order back to the west
Post Office Largest organization of couriers in the west
Order of the Templars Knightly order for protecting the worthy and fighting evil
Sky Pirates Airborn raiders turned Junkyard’s airforce
Sons of Sitgrieves Junker mutual aid sociaty
Steel Knights Power armored knights


Here is a list of some of the groups that exists in the wasted west but don’t exist in a larger organizing structure, they’re more descriptive classifications that anything.

Bikers Outlaw motorcycle riders.
Cyborgs Undead humans with cybernetic upgrades.
Junkers Arcane inventors who can turn junk into powerful devices.
Marauders Those who refuse to help mankind rebuild, and live at the expense of others.
Mutants Humans who have been changed by radiation.
Old Soldiers people who were soldiers since before the war.
Old Ways Indians Natives who spurn technology.
Ravenites Natives who embraced technology and the pre-war world.
Repenters Evangelists who practice an extreme form of Christianity under the belief that the second coming is imminent.
Road Gangs Marauders and warlords who travel in motorized groups.
Savages uncivilized people who are too young to remember much of the pre-war world.
Scrapers living humans with cybernetic enhancements.
Scavengers people who search old world ruins for resources.
Survivors catch all term for people born before the last war and survived.
Survivalists People who prepared for the apocalypse before the war.
Sykers people with psychic abilities.
Traders those who seek economic advantage through trade.
Tribulationists Christians who believe they are living in the tribulation.


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