Survival Gear

Backpack Holds roughly 2.3 cubic feet of equipment, could store more clipped to the outside but noise is an issue. 6 oz $30
Bedroll +X to Vigor and Survival tests to resist the effects of sleeping out in the cold. $40
Binoculars Binoculars offer magnification in x2, x4, x8, x16 and require no batteries. A night vision option can be added for $200 but this costs 1 charge / hour. $50/100/ 150/200
Binoculars, Digital Provide up to x50 magnification, accepts small batteries and uses 0.1 Charge per hour. $250
Bivouac Basically a tougher bedroll that serves as its own tent. $100
Camp stove These prewar camping stoves can run on coal, charcoal or compressed gas to heat food. $40
cook fuel Small tin of smokeless fuel used to cook food without the hassle of building a fire, hard to detect at a distance, good for 3 hours cook time. 7 oz $5
Canteen Holds one quart of liquid, military versions have a detachable steel cup. $10
Climbing Gear Gives a bonus to climbin’ checks, prevents falling if used with a rope. $100
Compass +4 to Area Knowledge tests to find your bearings. $50
Dufflebag Holds roughly 3 cubic feet of equipment. $30
Flashlight 1 charge and hour. $50
Flashlight, Large 1 charge and hour. $80
Flashlight, Police Works as a flashlight but can be used as a small club without risk. 1 charge and hour. $100
Flashlight, Rechargeable Can be shook or cranked to charge, 30 seconds of charging yealds six minutes of light, can store up to ten hours of light. $100
Gas Mask Protects the user against most airborne chemicals and inhaling fallout, filters can last ranging from years to an hour depending on conditions before it becomes to hard to breath. Extra filters are usually $5. $30
Geiger Counter Detects radiation in the local environment, +4 to Tracking tests when following a Doomsayer. $100
GPS Global Positioning Systems have been a bit touchier of late, possibly since nobody has been maintaining the system, or perhaps it’s background noise from atmospheric radiation. Still it beats a compass and a map. $100
Lamp Kerosene powered camping lanterns project light in all directions and come with a detachable hood to turn it into a directional lamp. $40
Mess Kit Contains non-stick easy to clean dish, cutlery and mug. $15
Night Vision Goggles Allows the user to see in darkened conditions but does not work in total darkness. 1 charges an hour. $1000
Pen Light A smaller flashlight, which provides less illumination, only accepts microbatteries $20
Pouch, Ammo Good for holding spare slugs, clips, or other munitions safely $5
Pouch, Utility Clips to a bandoleer, belt, or back pack and stores a half a cubit foot worth of gear. $5
Pouch, Smart Intended to work with the Land Warrior 2 system, and help quarter masters track equipment. $20
Thermal Imaging Goggles Great at detecting humans, running vehicles and warm objects. Not so good against detecting zombies. $1000
Raft, Inflatable These self striking flares burn for about 30 minutes after they are lit. $3
Road Flare These self striking flares burn for about 30 minutes after they are lit. $3
Sanitary Towels Alcohol based wipes that often substitute for a shower these days. $1
Scuba Gear Regulator, goggles, and breathing apparatus, consumes spare O2 tanks. $150
O2 Tank Holds 8 hours of air, good for hazmat suits or diving rigs. $50
Survival Knife A big knife that has a series of survival tools built into the handle +2 to Survival tests $100
Survival Kit Small courier bag with tools for making/finding fire, shelter, and food. $150
Tent A two person collapsible tent $100
Watch, Digital Takes a microbattery but provides the current time and a few other extraneous features (heart rate, tempature). $20
Watch, Mechanical A good ole wind up watch. $30
Water Purification Kit A special water bottle that filters and serializes 1 quart of water in 60 seconds and uses 0.1 charges. $25
Water Tester Can spot chemicals, germs, or rads in water. 0.1 charges per use. $100
Water Purification Tablets Kills bacteria and germs living in water, but does nothing for radiation, each tablet is good for a gallon of water. 25 tablets to a package. $10


Tool Description Weight Cost
Arc Welder Uses an electric charge to melt metal to large to be man portable. Uses 5 charges a minute. $1500
Crowbar A metal bar that grants a +6 Strength bonus to force open doors or other containers. 2.5 lbs $25
Cutting torch A gas powered torch which can cut through metal. $350
Drill, Hand Good for putting holes in things when you don’t want to waist batteries or bullets. 4 lbs $10
Drill/Impact Wrench A cordless tool capable of removing stubborn bolts or drilling through hard surfaces. Uses 1 charge a minute. 4 lbs $100
Entrenching Tool A collapsible shovel that folds down to a package large as two hands and makes a fine improvised saw, chair, cooking stand, axe, grappling hook or weapon. 1.25 lbs $40
Fire Extinguisher A tank of compressed gas, dry chemicals, or foam. 12 lbs $20
Hacksaw A fine toothed handsaw which can make it through nearly anything given time 1 lbs $40
Hammer 2 lbs $5
Lighter 1 lbs $25
Lockpick Set, traditional A set of metal picks of various shapes and sizes 10 oz $50
Lockpicks, Electronic An electronic black box used for breaking electronic locks. 8 oz $500
Lockpick gun A tool that uses a spring to try and knock the pins of a tumbler lock out of alignment, can be used by unskilled lockpickers using the device’s skill of 3d8. 10 oz $150
Matches (100) Strike Anywhere or waterproof cost double 3 oz $5
Pick 4 lbs $10
Rope, course(50’) Course hemp rope, usually made post-apocalypse 8 lbs $25
Rope, nylon(50’) High qualify prewar climbing rope, that is both lighter, smaller and tougher than other rope. 5 lbs $40
Sawzall Handheld cordless saw that can cut through sheet metal or tires. $100
Shovel Three foot long digging apparatus 2 lbs $10
Specimen Jars and Collection Tools Good for collecting scientific evidence and samples 1.5 lbs $35
Skill Saw Basic wood working saw. $65
Swiss Army Knife/Utility Tool Smaller knife that contains several useful tools $30
Toolkit A portable kit containing screwdrivers, wrenches, and other useful mechanical or electrical tools. 5 lbs $150
Toolset, Mechanics A cabinet full or tools with which could could run a mechanics shop. lots $1000
Utility Cord A nylon belt that could unwrap into a 20’ rope. $50


Other Description Weight Cost
Camera, Digital Can capture still or moving images, a single slug is good for thousands of hours of high quality video or millions of still images. Uses 1 Charges per hour filming. 10 oz $50
Computer, Personal Larger desktop computers which usually come with built in monitor/keyboards 11.5 lbs $500
Computer, Portable Smaller computers that fold down into an attache case size, uses medium batteries and consumes 1 charge every five minutes, possibly more depending on use. 6 lbs $1000
Data Slug, empty $5
Data Slug, music $15
Data Slug, movie $35
Data Slug, game $50
Duct tape $25
Gaming Console $100
Handcuffs Basic metal restraints, don’t loose the keys, fuzzy liner optional. $20
Handheld Gaming System Good for passing the time, consumes 1 charge per half hour of use. 14 oz $300
Oil Catch all for machine, or vehicle oil. $12
Palmcorder Basically a modern smartphone, this contains a PDA, scanner, camera, and can digitally transfer information to other Palmcorders within a few meters. Some palmcorders have had their phone function modified into a short range radio. Uses 1 charge per day. 8 oz $500
Patch Kit Good for fixing holes. $5
Playing Cards $5
Saddle For a horse. $100
Spray Lubricant What people should use instead of WD-40. $25
Soap $5
Television 50 lbs $75
Toothpaste $5
Video Camera, Digital Handheld video camera for capturing home movies, most models have a night filming function with an infrared bulb, and a x4 zoom. uses 1 charge an hour, 2 with night vision. 12 oz $150
Voice Recorder A pen sized voice recorder just big enough to accept a data-slug and micro battery. $20


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