Goods and Services


Food Description Weight Cost
Bread, Loaf One of these a day is close to the daily caloric needs of most survivors 12 oz $3
Coffee, ground Still grown in greenhouses and areas of the southern united states, or scavenged freeze dried. 1 lbs $20
Dr. Pepper Soda, removes all Wind lost to radiation. 12 oz $100
Energy Bar Dry and often tasteless, this tiny packet offers a quick shot of vitamins and calories.. 2 oz $2
Fresh Fruit, serving Good for your daily does of vitamin C. varies $5
Fresh Veggies, serving Common staple of tables across america, dethroning the previous champion meat. varies $5
Jerky Dried chunks of meat, that keep and travel well.; Can be bought fresh or salvaged. Comes in dear, beef, turkey, and less traditional flavors like horse. 1 oz $1
MRE MREs contain enough food for a single person for a day (half a day of heavy activity), not intended for use over 21 days straight. 2 lbs $20
Ration, A A rations are meant to complement fresh and frozen served in mess halls. 12 oz $10
Ration, B B rations are intended to be prepared in kitchens but will meat a person’s daily caloric needs. 2.5 lbs $15
Soda, Bottle Often served flat and warm, sodas are a luxury in the west. 16 oz $60
Soda, Can aluminium, glass’s more durable cousin. 12 oz $50
Whiskey, Prewar Brewed by prewar distillers and aged in the finest of ruins. 1.5 lbs $100+
Whiskey, New Made in improvised stills from a variety of mashes, hope you don’t go blind. 1.5 lbs $2


Note that fuel prices might very greatly depending on availability in that region.

Fuel Description Unit Cost
Coal Ghost Rock’s dumber cousin, coal was largely restricted to low priority freight and cooking fuel before being phased out by gasoline and propane. 1 Pound $10
Charcoal Basically just wood with all the water heated out of it, while it has a similar energy to weight ratio to coal but takes up five times as much space. 1 Pound $10
Diesel Fuel of choice for trains, trucks, and big rigs as Ghost Rock got more expensive. 1 Gallon $10
Ethanol Though this brew lacks the punch of gasoline reducing the MPG of any vehicles its used it by half, it is a highly available fuel that moonlights as a beverage. 1 Gallon $10
Gasoline The fuel that never really managed to overtake Ghost Rock, nuclear power, and later fusion. Gasoline enjoyed it’s hayday from the 20’s to the 70’s when some Shieks got too big for their britches; always was a popular aviation fuel though. 1 Gallon $10
Ghost Rock Coal-like, super fuel with a black color shot with white specks. It moans when it burns and it looks like faces are in the smoke, touch it and it will stain your fingers black as sin. 1 oz $10
Kerosene Often used as lamp fuel until electric lighting turned it into novelty for camping trips, jet airplanes however generally run on the stuff. Kerosene has made a bit of a comeback as a lighting source in recent years. 1 gallon $5
Natural Gas Extracted from pockets in the earth, or produced as a by product of decomposition, this catch all includes methane. 1 CCF $2.5
Propane Petroleum gasses, popular cooking fuel before the war. 1 Gallon $6.50
Spook Juice Distilled from Ghost Rock, this slick red fluid is a perfect substitute for gasoline, though it makes your engine sound like it’s being tortured. 1 gallon $10
Vegetable Oil Spare cooking oil makes a decent diesel substitute as long as temperatures remain high, takes a vehicle specially converted to use this fuel. 1 Gallon $12
Wood A stere of wood is a cubic meter weighting 650 lbs on average. 1 Stere $85


Item Description Weight Cost
Micro Battery Holds 10 charges, is the size of an asprin $10
Small Battery Holds 25 charges, the size of a modern AA batery 1 oz $20
Medium Battery Holds 50 charges, size of a pocket flask 8 oz $100
Large Battery Holds 100 charges, roughly twice the size of a box of Kleenex 10 lbs $200
Vehicle Battery Holds 250 charges, size of a regular car battery 35 lbs $300
Small Battery, Milspec Holds 30 charges, size of a glue stick 4 oz $150
Medium Battery, Milspec Holds 50, size of a bottle of vitamins 1 lbs $300
Large Battery, Milspec Holds 100 charges, size of an average RPG core book. 5 lbs $600
Portable Solar Cell This small pouch folds out to 1×2 meters and provides 2 charges per hour on a sunny day 12 oz $500
Power Adapter Can recharge batteries if attached to a power source or power applicances if hooked to a battery. Can charge a battery a 1 charge every four minutes for a 120v connection and 1 per two minute for a 240v. 3 lbs $150
Generator Can run for nine hours on a half load for 4 gallons of gas or spook juice. Can handle about 3 240v devices or 4 120v devices at maximum capacity. Has adapters to plug in batteries for 120v or 240v charges. Most civilian generators can be overcharged to allow them to charge military batteries, with a fair (5) tinkerin rolls. Military batteries monopolize the generator’s output to draw 2 charges a minute but exhausts the fuel supply in 3 hours. 75 lbs $500


Barter Description Weight per $
Luxuries Items that are valuable but have little usefulness. Examples: Gold rings, jewelry, movie slugs, candies, silver dollars, perfume, romance novels, bottles of prewar booze, art objects, prewar toilet paper. 1/100 lbs
Salvage Useful prewar goods and tools. Examples: dishes, clothing, duct tape, spark plugs, cook ware, car parts, computer bits, primers and powder, sponges, laundry detergent, a wrench set. 1/10 lbs
Trade Goods Uniform resources in use just about everywhere. Examples: Bags or salt, grains, dried beans, oils, preserves, fuels, candles, paper. 1/4 lbs


Goods and Services

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