Physical Hindrances

Ailin’ 1/3/5 Bad Ears 3/5
The character has an incurable disease, see the table below for how severity maps to cost. Choose the level of bad hearing your character suffers from the chart below.
Bad Eyes 3/5 Big ’Un 1/2
Bad eyes subtracts from any Trait or Aptitude roll involving sight to see or affect things at greater than 20 yards. The GM might be nice and allow you to apply that penalty on Guts checks for things you can’t see. Reduce the cost of this Hindrance by 1 if you can wear glasses to remove penalties. The effects of a character’s bulk depends on just how big they are, check the table below.
Geezer 3/5 Heavy Sleeper 1
Not all older characters have this, some people are old at 40, others are young at 90. If your character is a Geezer things are starting to break down, while your old timer might not have teeth he can still have bite. Logs wake up faster than you. Subtract -2 from your hero’s Cognition to wake up.
Lame 3/5 Mute 3
There’s an old chestnut that says when something’s chasing you, you’ve only got to outrun one person. Unfortunately, you’re usually that one person. This Hindrance affects a character’s Pace and active defense (using the dodge or fightin’ skill.) Your hero can’t talk. Maybe he got his tongue ripped out, or maybe he just doesn’t have anything to say since the world ended. Whatever the reason, your character can never speak. He must communicate through gestures or writing.
Mutant 3 Minor Mutation 1
Wanted to be a mutant but didn’t draw a black joker, well here’s your chance. Take this an the GM will draw you up a mutation of your very own. Your character has some minor but hide-able trait, such as a sixth toe, patch of black boils, or vestigial tail. While this might not cause you trouble most of the time it might get you in trouble when mutie-haters find out.
One Armed Bandit 3 Rad-Intolerant 1-5
There are folks who lost limbs in the Last War, fortunately it only takes a finger to pull a trigger. You’ve lost an arm and must subtract -4 from any skill that requires more than one arm. Radiation affects your waster more than most, against resisted rolls such as radiation or Doomsayer powers you suffer -1 for each point of this hindrance, and +1 damage depending on level.
Scrawny 5 Slowpoke 1-5
Scrawny survivors are slight and weak and must subtract –1 from their Size. Their maximum Strength is a d10. A character’s slight frame might benefit him in certain situations, like crawling through a small cave or window. Your waster better learn to fight as he isn’t going to outrun anything. Each level of this reduces your Pace a step to a minimum of 2.
Tuckered 1-5 Thin-Skinned 3
A strong man can run a mile without getting tired, you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. Reduce your character’s wind by -2 for each point in this Hindrance. You get splinters from your pistol and don’t quite whining about it. Increase your characters wound penalty by 1.
Ugly as Sin 1/3
For 1 point, your hero got a serious beating with an ugly stick. Maybe he’s always dirty, or he dresses in lime-green leisure suits scavenged from a retro store. Whatever the case, looking at him is as painful as getting the squirts from a bad milrat. Subtract –2 from friendly persuasion rolls made whenever your character’s looks might intervene. On the plus side, you can add +2 whenever his
looks might actually help, such as when making overawe or hostile persuasion attempts. For 3 points, your hero is an obvious mutant. He’s got pustulant sores, scales for skin, rotting digits, a third eye, or whatever. Most norms don’t want his kind in their towns. Double the usual modifiers whenever another character knows or can see your hero is a mutie.
Value Ailment
1 Minor: Your character has a minor but incurable ailment that makes life difficult for him. He suffers -2 to persuasion and sneak attempts
3 Chronic: Your hero has a chronic illness that causes constant pain and may eventually kill him. He sufferer the penalties for a minor ailment, and at the start if each session must make a Fair (5) Vigor roll. If he fails he suffers -4 to all tasks this session. The GM might modify the roll depending on the conditions and illness
5 Fatal: You’ve got a chronic illness that might kill your character at any time. Roll as above. If you go bust you must also make a Onerous (7) Vigor roll. Don’t fail this one.
Bad Ears
Value Status
3 Mild Subtract –2 from all Cognition tests based on hearing.
5 Stone Deaf: Your character can’t hear at all.
Bad Eyes
Value Status
3 Myopic Subtract -2 from your character’s Trait and skill rolls made to see or affect things at greater than 20 yards.
5 Near Blind: As above, but the penalty is -4.
Big ’Un
Value Status
3 Husky Add +1 to your hero’s Size and reduce his movement by one step (minimum is 4). His maximum Nimbleness is a d10.
5 Obese: Add +2 to size and reduce movement by two steps (minimum is 4). Her maximum Nimbleness is a d8.
Value Status
3 Over the Hill Reduce Vigor and Pace by -2. On the plus side you gain an extra 5 point to spend on Knowledge-based skills during character creation.
5 Foot in the Grave: Reduce the character’s Vigor and Pace by -4, and take 10 extra Knowledge skill points.
Value Status
3 Over the Hill Reduce Vigor and Pace by -2. On the plus side you gain an extra 5 point to spend on Knowledge-based skills during character creation.
5 Foot in the Grave: Reduce the character’s Vigor and Pace by -4, and take 10 extra Knowledge skill points.

Mental Hindrances

All Thumbs 2 Clueless 3
You don’t like machines, and they don’t care for you. This is a great Hindrance for “savages,” adventurers too young to remember before the bombs, when tech was common. All rolls made to use complex machinery or repair any mechanical device are made at –4. If everyone calls you a brainer and laughs at most everything you say—even though you weren’t trying to be funny—the odds are you’re a clueless wonder. Your survivor is about as alert as toxic goo (which actually is alert sometimes, but you get the idea). Whenever the Marshal asks for Cognition checks to notice things, you must subtract –2 from your roll. Yes, this includes surprise checks.
Illiterate 3 Clueless 3
It’s a terrible thing to come back from the dead and not be able to read the words on your own tombstone. Illiterates cannot read even the most basic
words of their own language or any other language they happen to speak. This Hindrance is pretty rare in folks over age 20. They grew up in public schools where some busty schoolmarm made them learn. Illiteracy is rampant among “savages” and children under 20. Reading isn’t fundamental anymore, but learning how to fight sure is.
If everyone calls you a brainer and laughs at most everything you say—even though you weren’t trying to be funny—the odds are you’re a clueless wonder. Your survivor is about as alert as toxic goo (which actually is alert sometimes, but you get the idea). Whenever the Marshal asks for Cognition checks to notice things, you must subtract –2 from your roll. Yes, this includes surprise checks.
Loco 1-5 Night Terrors 5
Loco covers all sorts of crazy from absentmindedness to compulsive liars, phobias to delusions. The illness is always present, and it rules your character’s actions most of the time. The value of the Hindrance depends on the severity of the illness and its effects on the character. You should discuss the exact dementia with the Marshal and work out the effects and penalties it has on your nutjob. character’s nightmares are far worse than most, something that keeps her from wanting to sleep much. Coffee is her best friend, and she usually only gets about 3–4 hours sleep at night. Make an Onerous (7) Spirit check at the beginning of each game session immediately after drawing Fate Chips. Chips left over from the previous session may be spent on this roll, but those you just drew cannot. Consider them “on loan.” If you fail, your character loses her lowest value chip. This represents the fatigue and strain the constant terror of sleep has on her. Go bust and your character loses her highest value Fate Chip.

Behavioral Edges

Big Britches 3 Big Mouth 3
It’s good to be confident, but only a fool charges into a den of mutants armed with only a Swiss army knife. Your character is severely overconfident. He believes he can do anything and never turns down a challenge. Your hombre’s lips are looser than mutant wrinkles. He always speaks before he thinks. Worse, he’s constantly blurting out the posse’s plans or telling the bad guys (or one of their informants) what they want to know. The hero also manages to put his boot in his mouth fairly often. No one ever trusts this habitual gossip twice.
Bloodthirsty 2 Cautious 3
Some folks are just plain mean. Others don’t believe in leaving their enemies alive to come back and haunt them later. Your character’s a warmonger. Worse, she actually revels in carnage and violence. If she’s forced to take prisoners, they don’t tend to outlive their usefulness. A good plan can turn a posse into an army but no army won a war sittin on its ass. Your character is a planner, he likes to plot things out long before any action is taken, often to the chagrin of his impulsive peers.
Curious 2 Death Wish 5
If it killed the cat, think of what it can do to you. Your hero wants to know all he can about just about everything he comes across. Anytime a mystery presents itself, he must do everything in his power to try to solve, no matter how dangerous. Sometimes a fellow just doesn’t want to go on. Maybe his family has fallen victim to some heinous creature. Maybe he’s got some plague set loose by Pestilence and wants to go out in style instead of wasting away like a feeb. Or maybe he’s a young upstart who knows just enough about the Harrowed to be dangerous. Your character wants to die for some reason (secret or otherwise), but only under certain circumstances. Most want to go out in a blaze of glory, such as saving a town or taking some major villain or critter to Hell with them. Your survivor isn’t going to throw his life away for nothing (suicide is easy, after all).
Doubting Thomas 3 Greedy 2
Your character does not believe in the supernatural. Some are simply in shock others have rationalizations. Either way be prepared to buy this one off eventually. Money and power mean everything to your scoundrel, and she’s willing to do most anything to get more of it. Things that belong to other folks are especially valuable!
Habit 1-3 Hankerin’ 1/3
Bathing has become a lot less common post-apocalypse, but nobody likes to see a mutant picking at his scabs. The character has an annoying trait or personal habit which penalizes him on his persuasion rolls with a penalty equal to the hindrance. If you just can’t think without a stogie in your pie-hole, you’ve got yourself a habit. If it’s alcohol or some drug you’re craving, welcome to Addiction City, population: you. A mild hankerin’ means the character is highly addicted to some mildly harmful substance (such as tobacco), or slightly addicted to a more dangerous substance. These days, though, even finding that kind of stuff can be hard. A severe hankerin’ means the character is addicted to alcohol, opium, laudanum, peyote, or some other dangerous drug. In those cases, he’d best know how to make the stuff himself because he’ll rarely find it in the wastelands
Heroic 5 High-Falutin’ 2
You’re a sucker for someone in trouble. Ever hear of nice guys finishing last? Heroes who go chasing down wild critters aren’t likely to finish at all. Your character can’t turn down a plea for help. She doesn’t have to be cheery about it, but she always helps those in need—eventually Your character has no tolerance for those of a lesser class, or who seem less “worthy” than him. Those who notice your hero’s upturned nose don’t like him. Subtract –2 from any persuasion rolls you make toward those your hombre thinks are beneath him in social stature.
Intolerance 1-3 Law of the West 3
There are some folks you just can’t stand. They don’t cotton to you, either, and given a chance, you’d like to push them off a tall cliff. Your character does not get along with certain kinds of people (mutants, Doomsayers, Law Dogs, savages, and so on) and has nothing to do with them if possible. If forced to work with them, he insults and provokes them whenever he gets the chance. The value of the Hindrance depends on the frequency of encounters your character has with those he is intolerant of and just how violent he gets. Even in the Wasted West, there are a few good-hearted fools who don’t know when to shoot their enemies in the back. Your hero lives by a code of honor that hardly anyone else subscribes to. He refuses to kill unless provoked, never draws first in a duel, and refuses to shoot someone at a significant disadvantage (such as in the back).
Even these throwbacks don’t apply their strange rules to hordes of walkin’ dead, deranged mutants, or others they deem unworthy of the code. Still, your hero is only rewarded by the Marshal when he does obey the law o’ the West, so it’s your call. On the plus side, you can add +2 to persuasion attempts when your character’s honorable reputation is known and might make a difference. Folks love do-gooders.
Loyal 3 Lyin Eyes 3
You may not be everyone’s hero, but your friends know they can count on you when the chips are down. The character is extremely loyal to his friends. He’s willing to risk his life to defend them. Obligations to nations, villages, or ideals are usually oaths, instead. Your character has a distinctive tell or is such a poor lier that it makes it easy for others. He suffers -4 to bluff checks.
Miser 3 Mean as a Rattler 2
A miser knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. Miserly characters tend to buy the cheapest gear or goods and haggle incessantly. . You were born on the wrong side of the bed. Besides making life harder for others you take a -2 to persuasion rolls but you may occasionally add +2 to hostile persuasion or overawe rolls.
Oath 1-5 Outlaw 1-5
Your hero has an oath to perform some important task or defend certain values, people, or ideals. The value of the oath depends on how often it might come into play and the risk it involves. The only authority you abide by is the “law of the West.” And even that’s flexible when it suits your needs. Outlaws are lawbreakers by nature. They have little respect for the law and are wanted for everything from petty larceny to horse thieving. The point value depends on just how little respect your character has for others. For 1 point, your “hero” swipes bottles of whisky from behind the counter when the bartender isn’t looking. For 5 points, your blackheart is a cold-blooded killer.
Pacifist 3/5 Randy 3
Being a pacifist doesn’t mean a survivor is afraid of a fight. It’s just that he’d rather find a different way. Or maybe he knows all that violence only feeds the Reckoners. Pacifists range from those who simply don’t like to kill until it’s absolutely (in their judgment) unavoidable (3 points) to those who refuse to kill under any circumstances (5 points). Pacifists kill animals for food, but not for sport.
Monsters and other strangeness are fair game regardless of how “peaceful” a person is.
If it moves… Your character wants sex and lots of it. He or she hits on every reasonably good-looking member of the opposite gender in sight, usually more than once. Like it or not, men and women suffer this Hindrance differently.
Squeamish 3 Stubborn 2
Your character can’t take gore and suffers a -2 to all Guts checks when facing something gore ridden. It’s your way or not at all. If the rest of the world is too stupid to realize you’re right they can go hang themselves.
Superstitious 2 TInhorn 2
Owls never hoot for the hell of it, and the devil sits on your shoulder. Your character lives his life by omens and signs from beyond. Your world is one of deep shadows and unknowable forces that must be understood or appeased in order to prosper. The hardened veterans of the wastes don’t think too highly of overeducated types who brag about their pre-war careers. You suffer a -2 from persuasion, owerawe, and bluff rolls.
Vengeful 2 Yearnin’ 2
You never forget a slight, and go out of your way to payback in kind anyone who has offended you. Your character has a dream or goal of some sort. Maybe he wants to restore the old United States, become a Law Dog despite his age, or prove himself once and for all the fastest gun in the wastelands. The more difficult and dangerous the yearning, the more points the Hindrance is worth.

Misc Hindrances

Bad Luck 5 Enemy’ 1-5
Whenever you go bust you get the worst possible result. Every foe you put down likely has someone who might come looking for you later. Your character has an enemy or enemies of some sort. You and the Marshal should determine their value based on their relative power level and frequency of appearance.
Obligation 1-5 Wanted 1-5
A hero’s got to do what a hero’s got to do, and so do you. Your character is obligated to his family, his job, the military, a town, or a duty of some sort. The value of the Hindrance depends on how far and how often your character can leave his area. Your character has a bounty on his head, maybe he pissed off a trade baron, or a group like the combine has his face on wanted posters. The rating of this is dependent on the size of the bounty and how wide spread knowledge of it is.

Blessed Hindrances

Crisis O’ Faith 1/3 Damned’ 3/5
Maybe the horrors the hero has seen have made her doubt the intentions of her deity, or maybe she’s just lost faith in her own worth. Whatever the cause, this doubt plagues her whenever her beliefs are put to the test.
The character has a –2 to any faith rolls she makes. This includes rolls to invoke miracles. This is a 3-point Hindrance for characters with the Edge arcane background: blessed. For heroes possessing only the faith Aptitude, this is merely a 1-point Hindrance. This Hindrance is only available to characters with at least 1 level in faith. Should the character ever lose her faith, she must immediately buy off this Hindrance or replace it with another.
At 3 points, no beneficial miracles or Templar powers work on your character. Of course, the other, less desirable ones work just fine against him! The hero can’t use miracles or gifts of any sort, no matter how good his intentions. If the hero takes 5 points in this Hindrance, he’s really stepped on somebody’s toes—in fact,
he’s still standing on them! In addition to miracles, beneficial shamanic favors also don’t work on him. And as if life wasn’t bad enough, all harmful effects still affect him normally.

Doomsayer Hindrances

Closed Circut 3 Not a Pepper 1
Maybe it was all the high-fat food your hero used to eat, or just a problem he has meditating with the Glow, but his energy pathways are more constricted than most Doomsayers. As a result, it takes him much longer to refresh himself and reduce Strain. Strain reduction times are doubled for your character. This penalty applies even if your character uses spook juice injections or other ways of artificially reducing Strain. Dr. Pepper reacts REALLY badly with your hero’s irradiated blood. Drinking it is like mixing “pop rocks” with soda—and we all know what that did to Mikey. A Doomsayer with this Hindrance can’t handle Dr. Pepper at all. If he drinks an ounce, he suffers damage as described under Dr. Pepper in the next section. Any more than an ounce, and the sucker’s blood begins to boil and bubble, expanding and popping all of his veins and arteries at once.
Outcast 1/3 Rad Poor 5
Those doomsayers who have managed to pissedoff other Schismatics get branded as outcasts. For 1 point it’s spread by word of mouth, for 3 points you’e been physically branded a traitor to the cause. Your hero has more trouble summoning the power of radiation than other Doomsayers. Whenever he uses any power that requires Strain, he must pay 1 extra point. He maintains powers at the normal rate—only initiating new ones costs the extra point.

Huckster Hindrances

Bad Karma 5 Focus 1-3
Your hexslinger has made a lot of enemies in the hunting grounds and they are wise to most of your tricks. A Red Joker is always a bad thing regardless of your skill. When you were learning your craft you had a focus or a tool you require to focus your powers. When forced to cast without it you suffer a -3 penalty to your attribute.

Junker Hindrances

Slipshot 5 Unschooled 3
Your early inventing career didn’t go to well and you developed a reputation which keeps most of the useful tech-spirits away. As a result you’ve had to make due with damaged goods spirits, you suffer -2 to all Occult Engineering rolls, and +4 to backlash rolls. This hindrance can be bought off if you can make three devices of stability 20 or higher and spend the points to buy this off. Not all Junkers learned in pre-war schools or were taught by other junkers, some learned much in the manner of the Mad Scientists of old by being mechanically inclined and sensitive to the spirit world. The downside is that you cannot learn tool tricks and attract browsers.

Shaman Hindrances

Old Ways Vow 3
Your Shaman keeps to the Old Ways, he gains +2 to all Ritual rolls while using and carrying no technology (all thing he uses must be handmade of natural resources). If he breaks this Oath he is -4 to ritual rolls for the remainder of the Session.

Syker Hindrances

Apostate 3 Oath of Unity 1
Your Banshee Syker refused to take the Oath of Unity and another Syker burned a “A” on to his head. Other Banshee Sykers are not a fan of you and might attack, assault, or hassle you. You swore never to fight with members of your former squad from Banshee and possibly members of other friendly squads. Most Banshee Sykers take this oath incredibly seriously and all those who did not take the Oath were branded as apostates.
Oathbreaker 1/2
Your character took the Oath of Unity and broke it, for -1 there is a good and well known reason. For a -2 cost other Oath takers are going to blast you on sight.

Templar Hindrances

Blackballed 3 Hated 1-5
Templars who go against their order are Blackballed, his brothers and sisters are bound by oath to bring him in alive if possible and dead if not. Templars who have openly scolded the unworthy, and turned their backs upon them can develop bad reputations. Imagine you were a guy whose home got burned down and wife and kid killed because some asshole on the other side of town was mean to a hobo. This acts as a negative form of renown were survivors might be aware of the Templar’s reputation as a judgmental hypocrite.

Soldier Hindrances

American Legion 3 Ferner 3
You were a poor immigrant member of the US army’s expendable fighting force of foreign scum. You don’t can’t start with any rank bonus from Background Solder, may not selected armored infantry or special forces as a background. Your native language cannot be english, your area knowledge cannot be in north america. You have Intolerance of Authority -3, and ferner, but get to raise two package skills by one point each, and get two ranks in Tough as Nails or Sand. Your character is from a non-american culture group, and are likely to be shunned by Americans for your funny accent, strange ways, and taking all their jerbs.
Penitent 3/5 You Bastard 1-5
You were a prisoner offered amnesty for military service, see waste warriors for the skinnie on this hindrance. You were not a popular officer in the last war and the survivors of your unit probably have a few scores to settle. The good news is that you gain rank for each level of this hindrance.
Combine Turncoat 5 Pupae 3
You were a member of the Combine’s armed forces who decided to desert, lucky for you your chip didn’t explode, this lets you use combine equipment. The bad news is that your headbanger chip isn’t broken just a little defective and might blow up if you run into a Red Hat who realized who you are, or it might blow up if you stand to close to your microwave. Your character owns power armor and tries to remain in it as long as possible. So psychologically dependent are you that you suffer a -4 penalty on Mein based traits when out of your shell.


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