Way Back When(pre-1863)…

This time period covers the time from 1863, back through the enlightenment to the eras where darkness rained. During this time supernatural forces might have very well influenced the world before disappearing for unknown reasons.

Weird West (1863-1900s)…

1863 Battle of Gettysburg Union forces are hard pressed to hold cemetery ridge as the bodies of dead confederates rise from their graves and assault their positions.
1863 Battle of New Orleans The citizens of New Orleans stage a rebellion against the Union occupation forces. The entire Union 5000 man garrison of New Orleans is killed in a single night. They then defeated a Union relief flotilla that arrived within the week.
1863 Battle of Vicksburg US General Grant marches into and occupies the town of Vicksburg, Mississippi. Soon after a disease, the “Wasting”, begins to creep through the civilian population and occupying troops. Before the city is evacuated a few days later, over 10,000 people have died.
1863 The Texas Rangers are removed from standard service and start investigating various reports of strange happenings. In the north the Pinkertons are tasked with supernatural investigation; both groups are actively trying to suppress knowledge of the supernatural from becoming common.
1864 Emperor Maximillian of Mexico decides to bring Santa Anna out of exile and put him in charge of the Mexican-French army. Santa Anna’s first orders are to take California before moving on to retake Arizona and Texas.
1864 The Confederate Congress enacts the Manumission Law, first proposed by General Patric R. Cleburne. This allows the emancipation of its slaves and the CSA receives European recognition soon after.
1865 President Lincoln assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, conspiracy nuts claim he’s still alive and in charge of a secretive branch of the US Government known as the Agency. Pinkerton’s contract with the government is revoked, their warehouse of casefiles burns to the ground a month later.
1865 CSA President Davis frees all slaves as part of a deal with Great Britain to arrange naval support and free confederate ports from union blockate.
1865 Sioux tribes make the Old Ways movement law within their lands.
1866 Brigham Young announces that Utah will operate as an autonomous entity until the Civil War ends, the Mormon nation of Desert is formed.
1868 The Great Quake claims large chunks of California as it tumbles into the sea. The fissures reveal veins of gold, silver, and a new mineral now known as Ghost Rock (occasionally referred to by its scientific name Californite). This blackish and white specked substance looks like coal but burns hotter and longer. It also produces a distinctive moan, and people often claim to see faces in the smoke.
1870 Dr. Darius Hellstromme arrives in Salt Lake with a new invention, the steam wagon, which allows Salt Lake’s residents to outrun the giant worms which suddenly appeared in the desert. He opens his first factory their and founds Hellstromme Industries.
1871 Battle of Washington \. The South attacks Washington with newly developed war machines, steam tanks, flamethrowers, and land ironclads, and forces the northern capitol to evacuate. The Yankees get their capital back after the Rebs outrun their supplies and their machines begin to break down and the city is rebuilt as a fortress.
1872 The importance of Ghost Rock on the war effort drives both North and South to encourage rail companies to build a rail line westward, the Great Rail Wars are on.
1874 More tribes move into the depopulated Indian Territories and the Coyote Confederation is formed.
1875 GhostRock is discovered in the Black Hills of the Sioux Nations by Frank Bryant and a few others who snuck into the territories. After the Sioux drive the miners out only to have them return the treaty of Deadwood is signed. Wild Bill is shot in Nutall and Manns Saloon No. 10 by a drifter named Jack McCall. He was holding the “dead man’s hand” 2 Aces 2 Eights and Jack of diamonds.
1876 Father Grimme founds the Church of Lost Angels, offering regular feasts to the food starved boomtown. The city grows into a the Vatican of the west.
1876 The Sixth battle of Manassas Start of the feared ’76 offensives. Union forces begin an early morning assault on Louisville with the use of prefabricated bridges to encircle the city. General Cleburne moves his forces out of Louisville, only to see Gen. Sherman burn the city to the ground at dusk. 12:30 AM The Union airship Meade starts the aerial bombing of Richmond. Two other Airships also bomb the city. The returning punctual Union forces encounter a hastily formed Confederate air Corp that drives the Airships off. Grenadiers of the 18th Virginia unleash the gas weapon upon the Union forces at Manassas with horribly effective results. The pursuing forces of Gen. Sherman reach Elizabethtown and after a grinding assault that cost 20,000 men their lives the CSA forces fall back to the Green River. A Line division of British forces cross into Detroit and begins to take the city against Union forces and scattered attacks. Gen. Forrest captures the city of Cairo and puts it to the torch destroying the Union shipworks and has all of the captured Union soldiers skinned alive and thrown into the Mississippi River.
1880 Battle of 10,000 arrows The norths attempt to take the Dakotas are originally successful as the Natives are defeated in several successive battles. The Sioux fall back and perform a massive ritual known as the Great Summoning. The Union forces what would be the decisive battle but are defeated due to a series of mechanical failures and accidents.
1896 A group of spiritualists and inventors claim that the source of this ghost rock driven New Science are evil spirits. Hellstromme puts the public at ease with his famous “Pure Science” essay, this is the last the world hears of him until he re-emerges in a automaton body.

Weird Wars (1901-1950)…

1917 CSA and USA enter WWI, Desert follows suit and Hellstromme contributes new tank designs and an entire platoon of Automatons.
1918 CSA’s Sergeant York kills 25 Germans and captures 132 with Syker abilities. The fact he is a Syker is hidden.
1939 WWII Starts.
1948 WWII ends with the Nuking of Berlin, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. Mad science begins to fall into disfavor following the WWII and never truly regains its place in modern Technology. Supernatural Phenomena decreases after the end of WWII and continues to do so slowly for the next 40 years until the millenniums end approaches.

Cold War (1951-2000)

1960 Faced with a worsening cold war and decreasing supernatural event the Agency’s Supernatural Containment Division is scaled back in favor of domestic and international spying. The CSA space program is underfunded and so opens the Houston Spaceport into an international launch center. Annabelle Lee Devlin publishes the witches’ codebook “How to Serve Your Man” but is soon after arrested.
1960 Smith and Robards finally closes its doors and is purchased by Hellstromme Industries, two years later Hellstromme is forced to lay off workers for the first time as his company’s support of the Vietnam war becomes unpopular.
1970 The Oil Crisis puts more emphasis on Ghost Rock or other technologies, Hellstromme rolls out electric vehicles.
1987 After complaints from Colorado Dr. Hellstromme begins the construction of the Vanessa Hellstromme Memorial dome to contain Junkyards air pollution.
1990 Dr. Hellstrommes research into Ghost Rock reactors finally start to show progress.
1995 The upsurge of supernatural phenomena and inexperienced troops leads to 150 agent deaths from the newly boosted Supernatural Containment Division (SCD) ranks.
1999 A combined forces exercise with Cyborgs and Army Rangers is executed against the Cult of Atheron in Bonanza, Colorado. Due to weather problems it becomes a three day running battle. The Army learns of the existence of Cyborgs.

New Millennium (2001-2062)

2016 President Everett Sandusky killed by Russian Syker Akilina Svetlova.
2020 True VTOL aircraft first developed for the military, Celluloid film is replaced by digital dataslugs. Paramilitary camps gain in popularity across the northern states like Idaho, and Women become eligible for the draft.
2044 Hellstromme Industries first intersteller spacecraft the Unity discovers the Faraway system, the Tunnel a sort of FLT gates allows transport between the Earth and Banshee. Mormon President James Snoddy deports Dr. Hellstromme after the scenes from Faraway are broadcast, depicting HI marines massacring native aliens.
2045 Hellstromme detonates the first Irradiated Ghost Rock Bomb.
2052 Ghost Rock is discovered on Banshee creating another resource race.
2060 The Hauptmann Survey is published revealing that at current rates of consumption all Ghost Rock deposits will be exhausted in 40 years.

Beginning of the End (2063-2080)

2063 The Hellstromme Industries City-Buster is unveiled, 200th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg. End of the New Science movement as all mad scientists loose their muse, many take their own lives or the lives of others.
2065 The Congo Ghost Rock crisis. Almost exactly 100 years after the first Congo crisis, Cyborgs are deployed and for the first time face off against other Cyborgs.
2072 Relations between Anouks on Banshee and human settlers deteriorate into a full fledged war.
2075 General Paul “Overkill” Warfield leaves earth for Banshee leading the United Nations Expeditionary Forces or UNEF, or EXFOR as they were called. Within a week of arrival Gen. Warfield turned the tide of battle with heavy weaponry. Then the Skinnies arrive and the gains are lost quickly.
2076 The tide of battle on Banshee begins to shift with the veteran forces there starting to gain the upper hand against the Anouks and skinnies. The horrendous Red River Campaign starts on Banshee.
2077 LatAm asteroid miner Esmeralda’s SOS is heeded by CSA ship then ignored. Both then destroyed by asteroids. Things worsen when a group of LatAm tourists killed in Texas leading to LatAm demanding the return of SoCal.
2078 Early LatAm launches joint land-air-sea attack on the CSA their forces move through Texas and California to Phoenix AZ with massive Air superiority. SoCal maze is taken quickly by a massive Sea strike, then thousands LatAm land in Maze. LatAm forces hits Phoenix and after a long fight annihilates the city with conventional forces. LatAm hit Lost Angels and cannot take the city, so they besiege it. CSA General Harley Harlow leads the CSA response and cuts the LatAm supply lines with the CSA’s newest Powered Armor Suits. LatAm pulls forces from LA and move SE to Colorado River between Arizona and SoCal to meet the remains and set a trap. 1st Armored Inf. Hits the traps and both sides take heavy losses. In a two week running battle the LatAm army retreats to LA to meet freshly landed reinforcements. CSA reinforcements had arrived as well. A final battle is fought 60 miles south of LA. LatAm retreats into the maze and is crushed by newly attained CSA Air superiority.
2078 Late Afterward it is Learned the Union supplied arms and equipment to LatAm. President Romero had also sanctioned the poisoning of wells and creating creatures to unleash against the south. President Romero is impeached. But Southern forces want NorCal as reparation and would occupy northern LA, a divided city until then. Union President Tremane refuses the CSA demands and after a small strike against the south CSA president Allan Sothby declares war on the US. In the first year the casualties were 50%. All the worlds major powers became involved.
2080 A cease fire is called and peace negotiation have begun. Airforce One disappears over the Rockies.
2081 Early Airforce One disappears over the Rockies. VicePres Andrew Bates takes over. Peace talks fall apart. Pres. Bates threatens the CSA with a Nuke a week until they turn over SoCal for the presidents death. He is called A-Bomb Andy.
2081 Mid German Forces land and take Mexico City. They attack and after a seven-day battle take the French embassy. Days later France marches across the Rhine and invades Germany. Two Weeks after that British attempt a landing at Normandy to assist the Germans but are repulsed. Japan and Russia invade China. South Africa moves north unstopped until hitting Egypt. Iran and Iraq go at it. Now there’s a surprise. Pakistan launches a single Tac-Nuke at India called Shiva. 2-3 Weeks later Britain re-attempts the Normandy landing but uses Tac-Nukes to soften defenses as the Germans stage a massive counter attack through Belgium. Russia suddenly changes sides and comes to the Frenchies aid. Canada launches Tac-Nukes against northern border positions. Within 2 weeks they take Boston.

Wasted West (2081-2094)

2081, September 21st Judgement Day, the bombs are dropped.


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